Where the Magic happens!


So since November last year (2012), I’ve been part of a great group of Trainers; and I thought I’d tell you all a bit about it.

Elite Performance Fitness (www.eliteperformance-fitness.co.uk) is the product of years of work and planning by Antony Brown.

Since opening what was Body & Mind Fitness back in 2008, he’s put together a great team of trainers, all with their own unique skill set, knowledge base, and personality.


Over at what is now Elite Performance Fitness (grab our address from the website), we have:

Antony Brown

Dave Holt

Ben Cooper

Ben Wood

Ben Postma-Tonge

Pia Rehn

Chris Knott

Rachel Hollingworth

And Me


One of the other things that makes working with this bunch so enjoyable, is that we can all have a laugh together.


It’s not so serious all the time.


Don’t get me wrong; there is a time to be serious, and there is a time to have a laugh.  And I think we get the right balance here.


The facility itself has been designed and built from the ground up with all the latest equipment that will work best to help all of our Clients smash their goals.


We have a very large Personal Training and Group Training gym (check out https://www.facebook.com/pages/Elite-Performance-Fitness/186393814732355 for some photos and videos of our Bootcamp/Circuit sessions); and a fully equipped Private Members gym.


This place really is an awesome place to work from, and train in.


We love it, and so do our clients (I’ve even seen the name ‘man-cave’ bouncing around between some of the Cross Fit ladies!).


I urge anyone who is serious about changing their Body, and their Lifestyle, in a most positive way, to first jump on our website (www.eliteperformance-fitness.co.uk) and have a look around, and if you’re in the Greater Manchester/Cheshire area, get yourselves down and see it for yourself.


You can even come down for a free chat about how we can help you J


I’ve added Elite’s Social Media info just below mine, so give us a follow, learn something new, and hopefully get down and become part of the hundreds of people we are currently helping achieve their Health & Fitness Goals.


Twitter: @coach_mainer

Facebook: www.facebook.com/help4health


Twitter: @EliteSK3

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Elite-Performance-Fitness/186393814732355


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