Do you stay inside your comfort zone?

Right so I’ve had a really sh*tty Fibro week this week.

Monday night especially was the worst.

The pain woke me up at 1:27am and pretty much kept me in the foetal position for more or less the next 10 hours.

Safe to say I was going no where – another reason I love my clients – they understand and accommodate.

They are awesome.

Anyway – we’ll get to the comfort zone bit in a minute, and you’ll see why I was well and truly thrust out of mine last night (03.09.13)

So one of the wonderful symptoms I seen to get, pretty bad sometimes, is what’s called Fibro Fog.  And this is basically Brain Fog (forgetting seemingly simple things really easily) – for me, names and new information just don’t seem to stick, and stringing sentences together coherantly becomes more challenging……I sometimes mix up words (call arms legs and visa versa etc)

I even forgot what water was called once, weird.

Anyway, the comfort zone part.

So last night at Elite, we hosted an amazing Event for the charity Hoop (Helping Overcome Obesity Problems: along with an American Trainer, Jessie Pavelka, who was recently on Fat: Fight of my Life on Sky Living.

So to kick this event off, Antony (founder of Elite Performance Fitness: ( welcomed everyone to the gym and said a few words about the gym also.

Then it was my turn to speak.

Now the largest audience I spoken to before was around 10 people and that was bad enough.

I get very anxious and nervous when a large group of people look at me.

And there were upwards of 150 people there last night.

Cue the sweats.

I was crapping it…… to speak (no pun intended there).

Now I had written something, just a couple of minutes worth……..I must had read this thing 20 times in the lead up…….and because of how I was this week, I was really struggling to remember a lot of it.

I was really panicking.

So I walked out in front of everyone, microphone practically in my mouth (trying every way I could to hide ha)…..

And I said my first line. My name. Nailed it I thought, this isn’t going to be too bad!!

Second bit, welcoming Hoop and Jessie……flowed out fairly well……

Ok brain, give me the next one…..

Nothing there……..

F*CK……………everyone looking at me, brain giving me nothing………………

Thankfully it did give me the ability to talk to a nearby stool to sit down, so off I went, desperately trying to think of my next bit…….

Now I don’t know why, but sitting down really helped.  Oh I’d also taken my trainers off before this point, that helped too….and helped cool the nervous sweats ha ha.

I said my piece, which in my mind was a bit bumbled and rushed but people told me I did well, so I’ll take that.

The point I’m making with this now rather long post is that in order to getting better at something you already do or to do something new, you’ve got to step out of your comfort zone, as scary a prospect as that might seem, because great things can happen if you do.

In my case I’m much more looking forward to the Ladies Exercise and Nutrition Seminar we are holding at the gym on the 21st of this month (sept 2013), because I took this step.  I could have said no when I was asked, and believe me at the time just before going on, I really wished I wasn’t doing it.  But the second I finished, I was so glad I did it.  My confidence grew by leaps and bounds.

So I ask you, when did you last step out of your comfort zone, and achieve something great? (

Please contact me if you feel you need someone by your side if you want to embark on a new health and fitness journey.

Great things can happen.


Twitter: @Coach_Mainer


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