Reasons you aren’t losing Fat….Part 2

Ok so in Part 1 we touched on some of the things that make up the ‘Weight’ of someones body.

If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you read it first.

My issue with trying to lose Weight is that there are far too many things that can affect that little number on the scales


So lets focus on something that you’re able to have far more control over:


When your goal is to lose Fat, there are certain changes that will need to be made in order to allow you body to go through all the process it need to mobilise fat from cells, oxidise it to use as fuel, and make sure that it doesn’t get absorbed back into cells.

Here are a few tips to help shed some Fat:

  • Eat Protein with each meal (this has a thermogenic effect when digested)
  • Drink filtered/mineral water
  • Eat Dark Green Vegetables with every meal
  • Eat Healthy Fats
  • Remove Processed/Refined Foods
  • Remove excess sugars & sweeteners from your diet
  • Reduce starchy carbohydrates (except after a resistance training session)
  • Eat Fibre, 20-30g per day (from vegetables, berries, nuts, seeds – NOT from grains)
  • Exercise using Weights (don’t worry women, you’re not going to get massive, you don’t have the hormones)
  • Exercise using Interval Training
  • Exercise using ‘Cardio’ Training (30-40 minutes maximum each time, provided you’ve not had a stressful day)
  • Prioritise the first 2 exercise methods for Optimal Fat Burning

And let’s not forget the Health implications of removing processed foods from your Diet and starting an effective training plan.

You will get healthier, full stop…..the reduction in fat and increased fitness as just a happy side effect 🙂



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