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What’s the point of having a Personal Trainer?

An odd title I realise.

Especially as just under 4 years ago, I became what the industry calls, a ‘Personal Trainer’

Back in the day when I was a prototypical gym-goer, I thought I had a good thing going every time I stepped out of the changing rooms and out onto the gym floor.  I was armed with my little notepad when I jotted down all of my workouts that I’d found either in magazines, or trolling through some random webpage I’d found after I’d searched for ‘How to build muscle in 19 seconds’ – or some other such nonsensical google request.

And each time I was in there, warming up on the treadmill before I hit the weights (WTF was I thinking there!?) I’d see the Personal Trainers wandering around the gym.  Some were with clients, and some were just chatting to random people, trying to ‘sell’ their services to them.  I couldn’t fathom for the life of me why anyone would feel the need to hire this person to help them exercise.  I just didn’t get it.

Even why I wasn’t getting results in my own training, it still never occured to me to spend my money on these people.

And why would I, as far as I was concerned, all they did, was apparently push people to the point of wanting to be sick……that wasn’t for me.  That wasn’t what I wanted to feel like.

And so I carried on, still not getting any decent results (does this all sound familiar to anyone yet!?)

So fast forward a year or so and there I was, with my little notepad, no more definition, no leaner, more or less the same weight and absolutely no happier what so ever, almost being annoyed at myself for never asking for help.

But even then, did I really want help just being beasted in the gym?  What else was it that these people had been told that was making such a difference?

It wasn’t until after I got my qualification, and really started to do my reading, my research, and being taught by some very knowledgeable other fitpros (fitness professionals) that it finally clicked; the whole training side, the bit we all see in the gyms, is such a small part of the puzzle.

And I’m sure it’s what people think I do as well.  Rarely do they see any of the other things that go into it.

The assessments, measurements, nutrition protocols, the goal setting, the motivation, the RESULTS, the near constant questions from clients (which I don’t mind) and the mass of information that my clients have at their disposal, through me.  There is just simply so much more to it than I, and possibly you, thought.

That’s why if you’ve ever even though about getting a coach, I urge you to look into what they do and how they can help you.  Ask lots of questions and make sure they know what they are talking about.

If you have any questions about your health and/or fitness, please give me a shout

Twitter: @Coach_Mainer



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