What’s the point of meditating….

We live in a fairly stressful environment.

Long gone are the days of sitting around in huts worrying only really about where the next buffalo is to hunt, when the next lot of fruits and veggies are coming into season, and when the next group of marauders are going to come to still my shit and burn my village down.

Now don’t get me wrong, no doubt that was a stressful string of thoughts, but it wouldn’t have been 24/7, like it is these days.

We have an in-built stress response, as all animals do, DANGER = RUN/ATTACK and NO DANGER = CHILL.

This works fine in an environment where stress comes and goes (there is a great book called ‘why zebras don’t get ulcers), however cue the internet, mobile phones, cars, traffic jams, late nights, early mornings, deadlines, exercise, under eating, over eating, not drinking enough water, not taking any personal time to relax, sporting events, buying a new house, getting marries, having kids…..getting a little stressed just writing that….and the list goes on….

The point is that we never seem to be able to get away from the daily ‘stresses’ of life.

So how do we get over this?

In all fairness, we don’t, we just have to learn how to manage this stress in the best way we can.


Meditation is a great way to do this.

For some people that means sitting quietly, alone with their thoughts. For some this could mean watching their favourite film, or listening to their favourite music, or even exercising.

Whatever it means to you personally, it’s about getting yourself out of the stresses of daily life and taking the time to do something that you enjoy, each day, whenever you can.

Take time to look after yourself both physically, and mentally.



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