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Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers….

A random yet curious question isn’t it?

In this day and age, stress is king.

Stress keeps us awake at night.

Stress wakes us up.

Stress gives us cravings.

Stress helps us exercise.

Stress makes us forgetful.

Stress helps us focus.

Stress can effect us in many different ways, both physically
and mentally; negatively and positively.

Picture the scene…

Joe gets woken up by an alarm clock screaming in
his ear & within seconds he’s p*ssed off that it’s Monday again
ALREADY (stress point 1).  He goes off in a grump to get ready for

His journey to work is horrendous, hitting every red light possible
(stress point 2), and to add to that, the traffic is a nightmare
(stress point 3).

He finally arrives to work, which he hates (stress point 4), sits
in front of his computer & starts wading through an inbox full of
‘urgent’ emails (stress point 5).

He spends the morning juggling between old emails, new emails,
phone calls and meetings (stress points 6, 7, 8 & 9).

Lunchtime finally comes, and after that morning he’s off to the
pub for food and a pint, to help relax him.  He gets to the pub
where his over stressed mind is crying out for something deep
fried, followed by something sweet and a hit of booze (stress points
10, 11 & 12)

His lunch hour is over almost as soon as it’s begun and it’s back
to the office (stress point 13).

His afternoon is taken up by just 1 meeting….a very long meeting
(stress point 14), where all that’s on offer are biscuits and
coffee, so when it’s finally over, he’s really hungry (stress points
15 & 16); and it’s time for home.

His drive home turns out to be equally as bad as his morning one
(stress point 17) & all he can think about is getting in front of
his TV with a takeaway, because he’s too worn out to cook anything
himself (stress point 18), and he also cracks open a beer (stress
point 19).

When it’s finally time to get to bed, all that he can think about
is what he’s got to do at work the next day (stress point 20).

Does that sound familiar to any of you?

Day after day after day of this negative loop of stress is
extremely damaging to us, physically and mentally.

If you’ve experienced this or know anyone who has, you’ll know
what I mean.

While it’s pretty much impossible to eliminate stress in our lives
short of living in a cave somewhere, it’s important to do everything
we can to manage it, so we can minimise it’s impact on us.

Which brings be to my email title; which is actually the title of
a brilliant stress management book.

I urge you all to grab a copy of this, read it, and take on board
the points it makes to help deal with and manage stress.

Your body and mind will thank you 🙂


Speak soon




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