Success Stories

Don’t just take my word for it…

“I began training with Chris after noticing his absolute dedication to his Clients on Facebook & Twitter.  They all seemed to enjoy exercising, something that has never been an enjoyable experience for me.

After a consultation at the gym, I was sold; he promised results and support but I had no idea how much support I would actually get.  Chris has been a constant form of help and encouragement throughout my whole journey at the gym.  I started with no gym experience and not I’m addicted!  He pushes me whilst knowing my limits, offers Nutrition and Health advice and has the best answer for every question I have.

I have been thrilled with my Body Transformation and have found myself feeling stronger in every aspect of my life.  I cannot recommend him enough to anyone who wants to actually get results and make a difference to their lives.”

StephSteph, age 28

In good hands

“I had tried so many times and so many ways to lose weight, but had not been very successful. From our very first session, I felt I was in good hands with Chris. For the first time, I felt as if my trainer saw me as a complete person instead of just focusing on my physical shape and abilities.”

Kim, aged 30

Marathon effort

 “Chris helped me train for my first marathon and I could not have wished for a better trainer. I could never have gotten into this shape and would never have achieved this kind of endurance with my own limited know-how about the abilities of my own body.“

Nathan, aged 27

Thanks for motivating me

“Since I find it difficult to motivate myself, I have been training once a week with Chris for the past two years. Now, I cannot even imagine going through a week without a training session. Thank you, Chris, for continuing to motivate me!“

Ian, aged 42


Great post-baby body!

“Chris is a fantastic personal trainer who has helped me transform my body, diet and lifestyle. After having a baby I tried to go back to the gym and attended classes when I could, but due to the typical excuses of time, childcare and lack of motivation, I struggled to attend regularly. Then I met Chris and he talked to me about my goals, fitness levels, lifestyle, and diet and gave me the motivation needed to make some big changes.

“I am now really motivated and love going to the gym again. I have also learnt about how muscles work and the type of exercises that will get results for my body shape. Now I don’t have to spend hours in the gym at a time. I can adapt a workout for the time I have, whether it’s an hour or even half an hour. He also advised me about supplements to take to help with my busy lifestyle, which have helped my hair, skin & energy levels.

“He has helped me change my eating habits so I eat healthier and have lost body fat. And finally, he pushed me further than I thought was possible. Now I have a body better than before I had my little girl and actually have a six-pack! I can’t recommend Chris enough! He is a great personal trainer. He helped (and continues to help) me reach my goals. I feel great and am really happy in my post-baby body.”

kirstytestimonialKirsty, aged 32

Chris changed my life!

“I started to train with Chris in January 2011.

My reasons for starting to train were to lose weight and get fit and hopefully to see if there was any way in which it could help with an on-ongoing illness that I had had for eight years.

In February 2003 I started to suffer with severe depression and anxiety and have tried several things to help alleviate my symptoms over the years. These have included reflexology, reiki and acupuncture to mention but a few. I had always been told that exercise was good for depression but in the past it hasn’t seemed to help mainly because I had tried to do it by myself which I found difficult from a motivation point of view and not really knowing what I was doing.

This all changed in January 2011 when I met Chris. He helped me to develop a programme that suited my ability level, which at the beginning was pretty low, and slowly helped increase my ability to train properly. Basically he took me from training once a week, which was a struggle, to four times a week and I am now looking forward to doing five sessions in the gym a week.

Training with Chris is like training with one of your mates. He makes the sessions really enjoyable and fun but also makes sure that he pushes me as well. The support I get from Chris is first class. I have changed the way I eat for the better and I now understand so much more about nutrition and the benefits of following a healthy eating plan.

We have regular reviews to make sure I am getting what I want from the training and also for Chris to give me feedback on my progress. I remember at one such session Chris asking me had he achieved my expectations to which I replied, “No, you have exceeded them”.

I am pleased to say that since starting to train with Chris, I have gone into remission from my illness and my Doctor is talking about taking me off my medication because of the progress I have made. Having a personal trainer is not a “nice to have” for me but an essential part of my life. I can honestly say that I love training now, so much so that I am going to do the BUPA 10K run for charity this year.

“Quite simply put: Chris Main has changed my life.”

JohnSideJohn, aged 50

The consummate professional!

” I am forever in Chris’s debt. In about 11 weeks he has taken me from an overweight 55 year old (weighing in at over 96 kilos) to a much svelter 80 kilos (and still a couple of kilos to get rid of). My shape has changed completely. Almost gone is the belly and Jo-Lo bum (fine on a pop star but not flattering on my age group).

The diet and fitness regime Chris put together for me has been easy to follow. I have rarely been hungry, and haven’t had so much energy for a long, long time. 

My mind is also sharper and the loss of weight has been much welcomed by my aging joints! 

I am healthier and fitter than I have been in 30 odd years. I have tried every diet and fitness regime under the sun – trust me. They work for a few months, and before you realise it the weight goes back on (and a bit more besides).

 What has been key in my success is the support and motivation Chris has provided to me. He is the consummate professional. Tough but fair. Try him. it worked for me, and can work for you if you try hard. I know I will keep it off this time – all down to Chris. ”

LindaSideLinda, aged 55


“Having had negative experiences with classes at a local gym and misconceptions about what personal training would be like, I was always of the impression that training wasn’t for me. Before meeting Chris I was quite ‘anti’ personal trainers as I had incorrectly thought that they all shouted at you which I have never responded particularly well to. I tried weight watchers to try and lose some weight and whilst it was coming off, it was all a bit slow and I was feeling like I needed something more drastic.

I had a very honest initial chat with Chris about my working out preferences, current diet, self assessed ability and aims/objectives. I was worried that I would be laughed out of the gym when I explained that I would like to set myself the goal of wearing my first ever bikini this summer, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Chris has always been very supportive and right from the off I have been able to have a laugh with him and I have genuinely enjoyed our sessions. I have completed changed my diet following nutritional advice from Chris and quite quickly have seen some good results which has definitely spurred me on to keep going. I started with zero idea of what I should be doing at the gym and I was one of those who sat on a bike for half an hour and believed I had worked out properly. Chris has coached me and designed a workout plan that not only challenges me but is varied, so no session is boring and I’m always doing something different. I have conquered my fear of classes and attended circuit training, and discovered that I am actually quite strong along the way!

I am by no means ‘finished’ yet and look at my weight loss journey as work in progress, but for someone with a short attention span this is by far the longest I have stuck at something and am still as motivated in week 10 as I was in week 1.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Chris as a fantastic trainer, coach and counsellor (at times) – all it takes is for you to decide that you want to do something about your weight/strength/fitness and Chris will help you achieve it.”


Sally, age 28

And here are a few from my Clients via Social Media:


Rachel Whitehead He’s always positive…listens to what you want to achieve and motivates you to help and assist meet your goals – whatever they may be. Have some amazing P/T sessions where I work harder than I have ever before. I’d recommend Chris Main without hesitation- professional, cheery but damn – he works you hard and pushes you to your limits but not too far…and try the Bootcamps – cruel but awesome…

James Brett Once you leave the gym after a session with chris, he doesnt stop there, always texting, messaging you through out the week to see how are feeling, if everything is ok with your diet and other gym related stuff. A prime example of chris is i picked up an injury whilst trainings my legs, chris was straight on to it the next session when i told him, organised for me to see a physio, and giving me exercises to help with the pain in my knee. Sessions are always a laugh with chris, but when it comes to being serious and getting down to the exercises you are pushed to a limit where you can do no more and just want to go home ha  even though he has bad dance moves and an awful singing voice i would deffinatly reccomend chris to anyway who is wanting to achieve goals they thought they never could.

Ashley Molyneux Simply put, the best PT i have EVER worked with….. Chris did a full assesment to check for any muscle imbalances, posture changes etc needed to ensure i was training correctly; then designed structured training plans which tested and pushed me forward; during our sessions Chrus new how to push be hard and seen big gains in both strength and conditioning

Angela Dooley Chris Main trained us as a group, I have never worked so hard in my life, he’s a great motivator and a lovely man. He always listens before telling you you’re talking rubbish! Only kidding! I miss him such a lot and would be back in a flash if he ever ventures this way again

Mark McGowan I love lamp! …errr I mean chris! Best thing I ever did with my weight loss, keeps me motivated, gives me the best advice on nutrition and taught me things I never knew, especially about gut inflammation. Works me extremely hard and pushes me further than I would ever imagine doing working out on my own…seems to want to put me in a wheelchair on leg day also. I wouldn’t just say its seeing my PT too, it’s like working out with a mate now as he’s a right laugh too. I will definitely be signing up for sessions again soon

Elisa Saulino Quite simply never gives up on you even when you’ve given up on yourself.

More than training-you get help, advice & real nutrition guidance. Plus the texts and tweets to keep you motivated-genuinely cares!

If you’d like to discuss how I can help YOU, please contact me at:  or on  07738 832 271


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