What Do You Want to Achieve?

I firmly believe that the best way to manage your fitness (and your life) is to set yourself achievable goals. During our first consultation session, we’ll set out and agree a clear strategy and targets that we want to reach together.

I’ll use these to develop a customised training programme for you which will allow you to reach your goals in a reasonable timeframe. So ask yourself…what do you want to achieve?


Weight Loss

There are so many ways to TRY to shed excess weight and keep it off. For instance, many turn to jogging. But on its own, and without the proper, expert, help and guidance, it won’t achieve the results you want.


Together, we will focus on not only helping you achieve your desired weight loss, but also maintaining that loss long-term.



Muscle Building

We’ll train at a local, trusted, professional Personal Training Facility. One which offers us a large selection of equipment. In particularly, I pay close attention to your posture and exercise technique. Not just to help you get the best response from your body…but also to make sure you use the equipment correctly, with no risk of injury. I am also very focused on finding the right kind of exercise challenge for you.


Together, we will train your muscles, not destroy them!



Whether you’re trying to gain [lean muscle] or lose weight [body fat], your diet is key. It has been shown that approximately 80% of the positive change you see from a Health & Fitness regime is due not only to the foods you eat, but more importantly, the foods that you avoid!


Together we will customise your eating plan based on your goals and lifestyle, to help you get the results you want…and deserve!


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