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My name is Chris Main and I’m a Personal Trainer based in South Manchester. If you’re looking for someone to encourage you, guide you, motivate you and help you achieve your personal goals, look no further. I’ve been working as a personal trainer for several years and my sole focus is meeting the particular and diverse needs of my clients. Whether you simply want to build muscle, lose weight, look great or feel better about yourself, I can put together a customised training programme so we can reach your goals together.

It’s more than just about getting fit…it’s an investment in your future wellbeing!

Find out more about my services and my specialised training programmes. I’m sure you’ll find the one that’s just right for you!

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Unique Physique Personal Training

Elite Performance Gym

Wharf Street

79a Lancashire Hill



07738 832271


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  1. […] Looking at it makes me feel a bit sick. That’s exactly the kind of food I used to crave, and eat, on a regular basis.I’ve not eaten a pizza in over 4 months!  So I’ve already done 2 workouts this week with my fabulous personal trainer, Chris. They couldn’t have been more different though! I wasn’t feeling great on Tuesday night (hormonal, nauseous, the usual!), but as the lovely Chris said: ‘this isn’t nursery. You can’t go home just because you feel sick’. Nothing like sympathy! He’s right though. So he decided that sadistic torture was the way forward on Tuesday night: Fat Blast Circuit Prowler Shuttle Run (evil!!) 2 Lengths Backwards Sled drag (tough but not too bad) TRX Row (60seconds) (eugh!) Sledge Hammer & Tyre (60seconds) (such a weakling!) Grapple Press (60seconds) (horrible!) Slam Ball (60seconds) (knackering!) Boxing (Heavy Bag) (60seconds ) (yay!) 3 times through That looks pretty good, doesn’t it? The bit that’s missing is the two times I had to stop as I thought I was going to be sick! It was so embarrassing. I get really nauseous before my period for a few days and it hits in waves (so much fun!!), and I usually get mental temperature swings from one extreme to the other. Add in the above ‘fat blast circuit’ and you have me running to the toilet sort of silently dry heaving and praying to not pass out! Once the first round of nausea passed, I went back in and carried on, until it happened again! This time I ended up sat on the floor in the corner of the gym with head pressed against a piece of equipment that was cold. How pathetic is that! Chris was very patient and made sure I was OK. Sadly the ground didn’t open up and swallow me. ButI did manage to do some boxing to finish. My cardio fitness is pretty poor and I know Chris is working on improving it with the above killer workout, but I want to be better at it now. Yes, the impatience hasn’t improved!! So we’re going to do that again on Saturday morning, but without the potential puking hopefully!! Last night’s workout was much more fun, thank goodness!   Superset: Seated Shoulder Press: 12 reps x 5kg, 12 reps x 5kg, 12 reps x 5kg, 10 reps x 5kg, 8 reps x 5kg, 8 reps x 5kg Dumbbell Lat Raise: 12 reps x 3kg, 12 reps x 3kg, 7 reps x 3kg, 10 reps x 2kg, 10 reps x 2kg, 10 reps x 2kg Single Arm Push Press: 10 reps x 4kg, 10 reps x 4kg Double Arm Push Press: 15 reps x 3kg, 15 reps x 3kg, 15 reps x 3kg Boxing Superset: Ground & Pound: 60seconds, 60seconds, 60seconds, 60seconds, 60seconds Heavy Bag: 20 hits, 30 hits, 40 hits, 50 hits, 60 hits The ‘ground and pound’ was hilarious and hard work. It basically looks like a body bag and is filled with sand. You kneel over it and punch. It probably looks ridiculous, but is strangely satisfying even if it does hurt your hands! I did 60 seconds on that then up on to the punch bag, then bag to the sand and so on. It was so tiring but so much fun. There are three words I thought I would never associate with the gym.  I can’t tell you how much Chris has helped me get over my fear of the gym. If you’ve read any of my earlier posts you’ll know how I was almost resolute that I would never go to a gym, let alone enjoy it! I’ve spent money buying workout clothes, and dare I say it even feel comfortable in them! How did that happen? He’s clearly some kind of evil genius.  In terms of fat loss and inch loss I have made progress (22lbs and 17 inches), but not as much as I would have liked. However, due to the PCOS I have to be realistic and acknowledge that this is going to take time. Also, I didn’t gain the weight in a couple of months so it isn’t going to just disappear. When my head manages to act in a semi normal way I can see that things are changing for the better, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen often enough. I get that naughty negative voice criticising from his perch on my left shoulder. The stroppy fairy on the other shoulder however is getting pretty fed up of him. She’s taken up boxing too and is preparing to knock him out!    Meeting Chris has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. I honestly can’t put into words how much he has helped me in such a short space of time. If you’re struggling with your weight or would just like to talk to someone about a new approach to nutrition and/or training, contact Chris. He’s extremely knowledgeable, easy to talk to and enthusiastic. You won’t regret it! Contact information Twitter: https://twitter.com/Coach_Mainer    Blog: https://chrismainpt.wordpress.com/welcome/ […]

  2. […] As a lot of my blog is dedicated to my new training plan, I thought it would be good to ask Chris (my personal trainer) to answer some questions, to show his perspective on being a personal trainer. So over to Chris: 1.       Why did you decide to become a personal trainer?  Basically I was in a job that I hated, got depressed, started to exercise more to find a way of dealing with that depression, hit rock bottom and at that point, my whole life had to change.  I had always been a person that enjoyed helping other people though, and throughout that entire part of my life, that aspect never changed.  I got a random email from a company called The Training Room, who train people to become PT’s, and decided to go for it! 2.       What was your impression of PTs before you decided to become one?  I didn’t see the point in the profession really.  I thought it was something that was good if you were an athlete or a celeb, but never felt I’d ever need one (despite never really seeing any difference in my body etc when I was training on my own – there’s only so much you can do by reading the internet and magazines). 3.       What is the best part of the job?  It’s the little milestones that my clients all get when they get remeasured and they have reduced their size, or have their body fat taken and it’s gone down, or even showing progress in workouts.  And it’s also the little milestones that I have in myself as well. 4.       What is the most challenging part of your job?  I think because ‘people’ are so complex (mentally and physically) it is certainly challenging finding out what works and doesn’t work for each person and being able to adapt food and workouts and also supplements if a particular person is having any.  There are so many things that can slow progress down or even halt it temporarily, that it’s certainly ‘all-go’ to keep things moving in the right direction. 5.       What are your thoughts on the word ‘diet’ and the whole ‘diet’ industry?  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the word Diet itself, it’s the meaning that has been attached to that word for so long that makes it sound like there is going to be some crazy new other word attached to it as well, and the world is going to go bonkers chasing something, that for 99% of the time, doesn’t turn out to have ‘optimal health’ at the finish line.  And that annoys me.  Don’t get me wrong, there are situations where a ‘Diet’ is called for, however it’s not a permanent ‘thing’ nor should it be seen that way.  If there was 1 perfect diet, the industry wouldn’t contain 100’s of different books, with 100’s of different celebs ‘endorsing it *cough*’ – and everyone would be doing the same thing. 6.       Who inspires you?  That’s kind of a tough one because I see inspiration in different way in different places.  I think someone who knows what they want, whatever that may be, and are willing to work their assess off to get it, is an inspiration. 7.       Have you ever struggled with your weight?  The most overweight I was, in an unhealthy way was around 15 stone, about 4-5 years ago, and I didn’t struggle to drop ‘weight’….dropping fat however was more challenging certainly…..there is still that bit to go yet as well.  It’s never easy that’s for sure. 8.       What 3 words do you think best describe you?  Empathetic, Geeky, Ambitious 9.       What is your favourite meal (the healthy version and the ‘cheat meal’ version)?  Jen’s (my girlfriend) Beef Stroganoff is my favourite healthy version meal…..I’ve never eaten anything so fast and be so gutted once it was all gone ha….my favourite cheat meal style one would probably have to be Ben & Jerry Peanut Butter Core ice cream….it’s too good !!! 10.   If you could give 1 piece of advice to someone (male or female) who is struggling with their weight, what would it be?  It would be to find a coach to guide you through the absolute bombardment of information that there is out there these days, to find what will work best for you 🙂 So there’s an insight into my truly lovely personal trainer. He has helped me so, so much in such a short space of time, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to put into words to him just how grateful I am, and how much it means to me to have his support.  My preconceptions of personal trainers were completely wrong, and I hold my hands up to say that. I am incredibly lucky to train with Chris, even if I do moan at him a lot during my sessions!  If you would like to contact Chris for some advice I promise you he will help: Twitter: https://twitter.com/Coach_Mainer  Blog: https://chrismainpt.wordpress.com/welcome/  […]

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