What’s the best fit, for you?

We’re all unique. We have different goals, levels of ability, of health, and general fitness. That’s why I take all your individual requirements into consideration when I create the training programme and environment that’s right for you. The more the programme meets your unique needs, the more likely it is to succeed and give you the results you want.


1-2-1 Training

The classic training programme. You are the client and I am your trainer. In this type of training situation, I’m not a drill sergeant…I’m your motivational partner. It’s my job (and I love every minute of it), to support you, motivate you, expertly advise you and help you bring about the change in your life that you want. Sure, I can be tough when you need pushing. But I’ll always look out for your interests and your health. We want to achieve your goal together, and to reach them, you’ll see that I work just as hard as you do.



Let’s say you like working out with your best friend. No problem. I can train and motivate both of you together. My experience has shown that having a friend alongside can be a big motivational plus. My Double-up programme can maximise that motivation and help you reach the goals that BOTH of you want. Goals which wouldn’t have been achievable, without the right help.



Close-knit families are natural helpers and motivators, at home or in the gym. But that help can only go so far. My Family programme starts with the minimum skill level of all family members, and we all build on that. It’s very important to me that NOBODY gets left behind and everybody can feel that they’re achieving, not just on their own, but together!


Fat Blast Circuits

If you enjoy the group fitness atmosphere and excel in an environment where you can interact with other like-minded people of all ages and abilities, the Fat Blast Circuit programme is for you!


My circuits are fast-paced and can be challenging. But they’re also highly enjoyable. As with all my programmes, you’ll always get out what you put it.


2 thoughts on “What’s the best fit, for you?

  1. Dara says:

    Hi, just wondering where ur based thinking about getting fit/loosing weight, toning up for Xmas.
    How much are ur one 2 one sessions etc?


    • Hi Dara,

      Thanks for your message. I’m based out of Elite Performance Fitness, in Stockport, South Manchester (postcode is SK2 1UB). Are you based in or around Manchester?

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